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Mission Statement PDF Print

The Oaks Montessori School is dedicated to total quality education. Our mission is to provide a safe, nurturing, creative learning environment for the whole person. Children attending the school will be exposed to a method which will facilitate the growth of inner discipline and later complex reasoning through a free choice and organized use of didactic materials within an atmosphere conducive to these ends.



Campus PDF Print

The school is located on the serene acres of "Range Village." The campus includes a Main House and cottages for primary and elementary classes, extended day club programs, and special event activities.  Adjacent to the elementary playground is an edible garden lovingly tended by the children.  An outdoor science center including a pond, root viewers, and observation centers is also on the grounds.  There are two shady playgrounds complete with swings, trapezes, slides, tether balls, a four-square court, tricylces, and climbing equipment, as well as many natural resources for play.

Curriculum PDF Print

Primary Program (2 1/2 - 4 years):

Areas covered are Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics, Science, Geography, Music, Foreign Language, Cultural Arts, Art and Movement Education.

Kindergarten & Elementary (5-12 years):

Everyday Living, Sensorial, Reading, Penmanship, Creative Writing,
Language Arts, Mathematics, History, Sciences, Geography, Foreign
Language, Computer, Art, Music, Dance, and Physical Education.

Home & School Association PDF Print

Parents are encouraged to participate in the Home and School Association.  Parent orientation meetings, seminars, programs, etc. are offered for parent education.  The non-profit organization provides parent involvement in school volunteer programs and in fundraising for equipment and improvement in the environment for the children.  Parent participation is vital to quality education and to the "Montessori Family" established at the school.


Admissions PDF Print

OMS has a non-discriminatory admissions policy for children who are 2 1/2-12 years of age.  Each prospective student is required to be interviewed by the Headmistress or Directress of the specific class.  A class ratio of approximately 10 to one adult is maintained.  Parents desiring to register their children for enrollment should contact the school office (985-345-8088) and make an appointment to observe our classrooms in action.  You will then be given an application for enrollment, and a date and time may be arranged for your child's visit (interview).  There is a $35.00 fee payable preceding the interview.  (This fee is non-refundable and does not apply to the tuition.)

Those accepted for enrollment are required to pay a $200 registration fee.  This deposit assures your child a space in our school.  The deposit is, however, non-refundable.

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